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Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Drainage System Blockage - Free 3 Tips On How To Avoid Drain Blockage

Blocked Drains Can Happen At The Least Convenient Times, And Can Be A Nightmare. Not only is this annoying, but it can also pose health hazards and even lead to greater inconveniences like air pollution, leakage, and flooding. However, you may never have to worry again!

Drains that are clogged are due to debris accumulation as well as tree root intrusions, grease or small objects getting stuck in the drain. While your house pipes may not be blocked, this is not indicative that a bigger clog is not happening in a different line. There

There Is No Reason To Ever Allow Your Drains To Become Blocked When A Few Small Practices Can Prevent It

1. Get a plunger and use it - plungers work effectively on minor clogs.

2. Raise the stoppers in your bath tub and clean out debris. Before you put the stopper back in its place, make sure it's well cleaned.

3. If You Lose A Lot Of Hair, Make Sure That The Catchers On Your Shower Plug Is Working Well. You wouldn't let food just fall into the kitchen sink, so in the same manner, keep your hair from going down your bathroom pipes.

4. To prevent hair from accumulating in the drains, try brushing your hair ahead of a bath to remove broken strands.

5. Have a plumber install grates over your drains. When Getting Your Drains Cleaned, Use A Drain Cleaner That Is Anti - Bacterial And Which Is Not Corrosive.

6. Plant flowers and trees away from your pipes to prevent their roots growing into your drains.

7. Sign an annual contract with a drainage company. The good thing about this is, they perform occasional drainage inspections and maintenance services on your drainage system. A good example of companies that offer such a package is Drainage Southampton located in Southampton. Teach and instruct other members of your house on drainage maintenance guidelines.

8. Avoid corrosive acidic cleaners. In the long term, their corrosive action damage your pipes.

9. Don't Put Your Waste Or Any Object In Your Drains. It is not a dustbin.

10. Avoid letting the following substances go into the drain grease, oil, fat, coffee, meat, rice, gum, hair, condoms, medication, cosmetics and similar items.

11. Basically, only water should be going down your sink drain for your toilet drain, nothing but water, urine, and faeces.

12. Use A Wire Coat Hanger Bent Into A Small Hook To Remove Build - Ups Bellow The Drain Cover In Bathroom's And Kitchens.

13. Pour hot saltwater down your sink from time to time to clear out accumulation of grease.

14. There are many maintenance tips for your drains, these are just a handful; a few of which are alternative solutions. Whatever methods you choose, avoid acidic solutions at all costs!

If you are having issues with your drainage system and you have tried all the aforementioned tips but to no avail and are not in a contract with a drainage company, don't apply too much force to your drain, as that can lead to damages you, of course, want to avoid. Instead, reach out to a plumber immediately. If you happen to be in Southampton then your best option will probably be Drainage Southampton technicians.